Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Life Drawings -Waihi Life Drawing Class 17 6 09










Thursday, June 11, 2009

Painted Life Drawings, 10/6/09

This life study was done without chalk or pencil just straight into it with acrylic paint.
I forgot to take my camera to class so I photographed my own efforts later, at home.
I don't usually do any art at the class just supervise and set exercises but last night I wanted to try paint and pleased myself for a change. Yay!
I spilt paint on the carpet of the drama room while doing the painting above, my last work for the night, and had to frantically clean up my mess and leave an area of carpet soggy wet.
O dear. More than a few of me hard-won street creds down the tubes but no real harm done.
They say if you can't laugh at yourself you're missing the best jokes......

Our model put on this little black number between poses and thought I would paint her in it as I had a black canvas prepared. There was moaning from the class and I had to insist and reminded them that I am always asking 'does anyone want a particular pose?' and that for once I wanted to choose a pose. I sketched it first in white chalk and then into it with white and black paint.
I have plans to do more to this large canvas, make it a finished painting.

My first effort of the night, white chalk and willow charcoal on prepared paper.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Figure drawing, Life drawing class 3 6 09

Jizzy works lately in inks, here, felt pen. No chance of rubbing out mistakes but Jizzy says the advantage for her of using inks is no smudging, as willow charcoal is so likely to do

One of mine, overworked and then overworked some more...

Robyn, back to work after having several weeks off to practice with her Rock band. The band played Saturday night at our classes' Art and Music exhibition. Looking forward to that Saturday night was all that kept me going through all the work of setting up the exhibition and my wait was worth it. We all had a great night .. ooo- yay!

My sculptor friend Carla shows up as a casual to do some impeccable tonal studies...