Thursday, May 7, 2009

Figure drawing, Highlights, life drawing class 6/ 5/ 09, Janice

White chalk highlights have been used by artists for hundreds and probably thousands of years.
The white highlights help both to model the figure or object with the illusion and depth of light and shade and add a sharp liveliness to a drawing.
Janice uses her work in class to make paintings from and all artists and sculptors and designers sketch out their preliminary ideas for a great work in drawing.
I feel that first drawings are the greater work of art for they embody the first vision and choices of the artist, show all the skill of the artist and their ability to handle limitations and are as fresh and unique and warm from the artist's touch as a signature.
Signature style is a phrase I use a lot in class. Just like opinions and bums and noses, everyone has got one...

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