Monday, May 4, 2009

Figure drawing, life drawing class 29/ 4/ 09, Jelta

The easels in the life drawing class are 6 foot high and fairly robust so an artist can work large and vigorous, even violently, attacking the paper or canvas.
I encourage the artists to move their life drawing easels to anywhere in the room from where they can get an interesting view of the model but Jelta usually sits on a chair in front of his easel and does not move it, content to work with whatever is offered in the way of pose or viewpoint.
Jelta practices, in pencil or charcoal on white paper, proportion and shading and gets better and better and his drawings are getting larger. The foreshortening on the right leg of this drawing is great, it works and the lower leg is not drawn in at all and he's done a great job on the shading of the soles of the feet.
One day we will see Jelta launch into colour. Something to look forward to.

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